Saturday, April 7, 2012

meme phone strap

I spend the whole day drawing, baking, painting, polishing and set the strap on this little things.
at some point, i felt really fade up to proceed baking as this new material is hard to handle! it easily get crumple as the baking surface was not smooth and not uniformly flat. i miss the old material, easy to handle and looks flawless after baking. luckily only two of them are badly 'destroyed' :p

my thumb is in pain as I scraping the excess paint on the edge using my nail! The pain become worst when I set the small chain for the strap also using bare my hand. scratches are all over my nail.

these two already been booked by farhami and zaid :)
hope they gonna love it.

 to order just email me at

rm5 per piece 

have a nice day everyone