Monday, May 7, 2012

Today Attire #1

Went to Kuantan today, searching for new camera :)

* white, printed T *
* red cardigan *
* straight cut jeans *
* purple Casio watch *
* red bangle *
* sandal from Vincci *

Saturday, April 7, 2012

meme phone strap

I spend the whole day drawing, baking, painting, polishing and set the strap on this little things.
at some point, i felt really fade up to proceed baking as this new material is hard to handle! it easily get crumple as the baking surface was not smooth and not uniformly flat. i miss the old material, easy to handle and looks flawless after baking. luckily only two of them are badly 'destroyed' :p

my thumb is in pain as I scraping the excess paint on the edge using my nail! The pain become worst when I set the small chain for the strap also using bare my hand. scratches are all over my nail.

these two already been booked by farhami and zaid :)
hope they gonna love it.

 to order just email me at

rm5 per piece 

have a nice day everyone

Friday, March 2, 2012

handmade paper clip

Im working on this early in the morning before went to a talk today.
I'll give it away as a present for my simple contest on my personal blog soon.
do visit :)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Illustration School by Sachiko Umoto

I went to kuala lumpur yesterday with my bestfriends.
accidentally we entered a graphic bookstore at sg weng ( too excited untill I forgot to see the store name).  Seriously, just let me live in there!
there has a lot of reference books in design, graphic, illustration etc which i really craze for.
at last, i end up by buying 3 books by the same author - sachiko umoto, 'Illustration School'.
with the concept of 'learning begins by imitating', she filled this book with a lot of illustrations which we can draw by copying and tracing. her drawing was simple and cute.
it is worth to add this books into my collection :)

(i)  Illustration School : Let's Draw Happy People
(ii)  Illustration School : Let's Draw Cute Animals
(iii)  Illustration School : Let's Draw Plants and Small Creatures

I also bought some thread sew scout notebooks at Tangs, Pavilion KL to doodle on the book's cover.
i'll preview the result later :)

felt craft

I used to see on the internet how felt craft was spread widely.
and I was interested to try once which led me to order for a beginner set last week.
it contain 35 pieces of felt cloth, a pack of colourful buttons, ribbons and some straps.

here the first attempt from me :

*a skinny totoro, an owl and a little fox*

p/s : I don't think I was able to start taking order now. my sewing skill is worst!

Friday, February 17, 2012

school mural

*unfinish drawing on the wall*

I'm working on this school mural project last holiday to fill my leisure time as unemployed :p
I was studying here for a month once before I moved to MRSM Gerik.
I wish to receive more such projects like this.
it's fun to doodle something on a large area where everybody can see it.

flowers for mom

last holiday, my mom asked me to draw some flowers on a piece of big plain cloth.
i do not know what she gonna do with it. maybe as a table cloth :)
 i can't wait to show her this.
hope she will like it.